Hey guys!  This month I’m coming back to a lot of things.  The latest “comeback” is me returning to the gym, working out and lifting weights.  It’s been about eight months or so since the last time I lifted (awful…I know but I just didn’t have the motivation or the desire).  Not only will I be back to the gym, but I’ll be trained by a trainer.  I’m the type of person that needs that trainer or lifting partner to keep the motivation up.  I tend to get distracted very easily working out by myself and a thirty-minute workout can be two hours later.  I’ve even tried online coaching but unfortunately, online coaching doesn’t work for me.  No bueno. 


I actually used to enjoy lifting weights and now I’m not really a fan or even exercising…I do it because or health reasons but it is not fun for me and it’s so annoying when you see others enjoying it.  Like I get it, you get endorphins from it (insert eyeroll here).  I’ve been going outside more to run, walk or bike with my little dog Kona just to get some fresh air at parks or the beach, hospital air is yucky.  I think it really stems from me not wanting to be inside since this whole virus started and I have to wear so much protective gear that makes me look and sound like a cross between Bane and Darth Vader.  Ever since this pandemic, I’ve been inside for everything, hospital, SFV work, staying inside my apartment with all the curfews and stay home orders; what suffered was obviously my weight and my mental health.    


I typically eat a 80/20 vegan diet, for the ones who don’t know, that means 80% of what I eat is raw and the 20% is cooked.  Things like rice, legumes or quinoa are the things that I eat when I work at the hospital.  We only get thirty minutes of lunch on shifts, and we sneak in snacks, bathroom or water breaks in between procedures or delays because there’s a twenty-minute turnover between patients.  For me having a smoothie or fruit or a salad doesn’t cut it because due to constant movement, you burn a ton of calories (I’ve clocked my steps sometimes at 13,000!) and I’ll be constantly hungry again.  Eating cooked foods during lunch keeps me full longer especially in long six-hour cases for example.


Even eating 80% raw, the added stress and the no lifting didn’t help my weight.  I preferred to stay home most days and enjoy things that I hadn’t been able to do for years because I was working so much and finishing a master’s degree.  This is why I took such a long sabbatical to just breath, watch various shows, sleep late, etc.  So, I decided to reach out to personal trainer, bodybuilder, fellow vegan, and I am lucky enough that he lives in SoFlo.  I call him friend and he trained Thor himself.  On our first session, my experience was that I almost threw up and passed out twice…that was a bit embarrassing…second session, I was sweating like I had jumped in the ocean but I managed to complete the workout without passing out.  He of course was laughing like a hyena…however I understand why he’s so good at his job.


I’m looking forward to working out with an IFFB Pro and getting back to my pre-Covid weight or better; however, HE IS EVIL!! Up to this point, I have only known him as the fun friend, but in the gym, he enjoys torturing me and I love it…!  I’m excited and looking forward to the end of the year so I can see the progress I have made.  I am determined to work extra on call shifts to afford him because my health is an investment not an expense.    


This post is not to inspire anyone or do a weight loss journey to show on social media, I admire people who do this but it’s not me.  This post is more about me coming back from my sabbatical and finding a balance with my work in the hospital, SFV, blogging and having time to work on myself mentally and physically. 

With peace and gratitude,