Hey guys! I appreciate all the support that the blog and myself have received so far.  The posting schedule is Thursdays and Mondays, however, this post is a special edition and will give a bit of the backstory before the blog had an official title.  It will include how it came to be, and a small guide to blog interviews that were done in the past under SoFlo Vegans.  I will be linking them along with the background of each interview and interviewee that will direct to the SFV website.  Each guest had something different to say and I am sure you’ll enjoy reading these past interviews.    


As I got more involved in SFV, I started asking myself what else I could do to contribute, as I helped Sean book new talent and had talks with all the influencers, I noticed that I wanted to talk about other things that were not going to be asked on the podcast.  I wanted to be more personal and have an actual conversation than an interview done in podcast form.  I even wondered if I should write this down because I’m in medicine, not journalism, I’m not a writer?  Can I do this? Will people say yes to being interviewed?  It turns out that yes, people were receptive to been interviewed and I did four interviews under SFV. 

All these interviews happen from the beginning of 2019 to the end of the year; what changed in me having my own blog and writing under my own brand of The Veg Nurse, was the idea hey, I can put this on a blog of my own.  I won’t bore you guys with all the details of how a blog/website is created because it’s a lot…(still pulling my hair out).  Mikhaila Christian interview was the first interview under The Veg Nurse and it was very special for me because is when I realized that I am now a blogger…!  Alright! Let’s get started:


1.        We kick of with my first interview ever, my guinea pig…wait…we can’t say guinea pig, we’re vegan after all!  Let us start again: the test tube was Will Brooks, who was known as The Vegan Iron Ape.  I noticed that he constantly followed and supported SFV even from Ohio, I reached out to him and he was receptive to answering my many questions on jiu jitsu, workout tips, activism in a heavy dairy state and so forth.  This interview was my first and it was unique in the sense that we did it over IG messenger; I wonder if Will thought I was going to stalk him…!     

Link: https://soflovegans.com/will-brooks-the-vegan-iron-ape/

IG: willbrooksofficial

YouTube: Will Brooks Official

Website: https://linktr.ee/Willbrooksofficial


2.       The second interview was with a bodybuilder/online coach/sanctuary owner Jordan David AKA Conscious Muscle.  Jordan had been on our podcast as a guest and what made me want to interview him was the sanctuary; the podcast was done right on the property and I wanted to know more about it and how he managed a huge property with so many rescues.  Meeting Jordan was hilarious! I can laugh about it now; I knew of him of course and followed him on social media.  We met at another Ft. Lauderdale VegFest, where SFV had a booth, yelled at him across the booth, jump said booth (not really, I walked around it) and dragged him to our booth so that I could meet him.  I do not recommend doing this of course…but it was an impulse because I didn’t want to lose him in the crowd and he was walking by himself which is rare.  Many of these influencers have a line of people wanting to talk to them.  I wish someone would have recorded our first meeting, because his face was of a deer caught in the headlights and look of “who is this crazy person?” (Sorry guys, I can’t stop laughing remembering, sorry Jordan, he later told me I scared the hell out of him.)  I later discovered that Jordan is really a shy guy but has a deep passion for rescuing abused animals, his business and his family.  My favorite part about interviewing him was his frankness and his honesty.    

Link: https://soflovegans.com/friends-not-food-rescue/

IG: @conscious_muscle   @friendsnotfoodrescue

Website: https://consciousmuscle.net/


3.       The third interview was probably my most “controversial”…it was done before the death of George Floyd but there were already tensions between the Black Lives Matters movement with law enforcement.  I wanted to get a perspective and learn from a police officer.  Looking at a fellow infuencer’s IG, I noticed David Anthony, who had been PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door 2018 and sent out another IG messenger message.  He answered right away and agreed to do the interview virtually.  This interview was very nerve-racking for me, I researched law enforcement and read up about the Black Lives Matter movement so that I may get an idea where all the hate, controversies and where he stood on the topic as a fellow man of color and as a cop.  He made the interview go smoothly, he was not afraid of answering my questions and gave me insight on what it takes to be a cop, his thoughts on the movement, statistics and what his job entails.  This interview was both informative and eye-opening and I think one of the hardest for me to write and it made me question some of the ideas I had about the times we are living in.

IG: @tactical_vegan


4.       The fourth interview was a bit different because it was done on location, this time I got to interview Chef Benjamin Goldman, who at the time was the executive chef at Planta South Beach.  I met Ben when I slipped into his DM’s planning a friend’s birthday party and discovered that we had tons of people in common.  This interview got me up close and personal to how a professional kitchen is run and the ins and outs of Planta; it also was very personal for Ben who divulged his past with drugs and alcohol.  This was a very honest and raw interview that no questions were too personal or controversial.  It was also the longest interview at over three hours and the yummiest! I got to see the deep talents of Ben as a chef since he made me many dishes outside of the menu and taste the talents of their bartenders as they made me non-alcoholic drinks.      

IG: @plantsunknwn   @mothrearthfood


The “last” interview was with Mikhaila Christian; this interview was special for multiple reasons.  One, it was my first lady interview and second, I had been following Mikhaila since SnapChat days and she had answered me in the past in regards to beauty tips.  Secondly, this is the interview in which I decided on a name for the blog separate from SFV, as having my own identity as The Veg Nurse.  The SFV family fully supported me in spreading my wings to make a go at blogging, and I was able to put the skills I had learned under Sean with editing and production.

I saw Mikhaila on IG and once again slipped into her IG messenger (I should be called IG messenger ninja!).  Mikhaila was very easy to interview and work with because she did everything in her power to accommodate the time difference between Florida and Hawaii.  She was also open to questions and she also surprised me with her thoughtfulness and kindness, and I admired her for her entrepreneur sharpness.  She was not shy about her mind, beauty, body, or nudity and I can count her as a friend.  It was refreshing to talk to a fellow woman who was not afraid to be open, many times as women we are told not to speak, lower our voice, or not say this, don’t wear that, blah, blah, blah (insert eye roll).  The goal is for me to travel to Hawaii so I can get all the vegan beauty treatments from her in the future!

IG: @onpointaesthetics

Website: https://linktr.ee/onpointaesthetics    


Now that you are all caught up, I have even more exciting interviews, thoughts, and stories to share with you all. The next interview will be with none other than Chris from House of Chickn @houseofchickn that promises to be delicious, cruelty-free, and will answer questions that many are too afraid to ask.  With peace and gratitude,