Alba aka The Veg Nurse

Vegan ER/trauma and Cath lab RN

Combining veganism and nursing.

Hi. I’m Alba, I am a vegan, nurse, Media Coordinator and podcast host for SoFlo Vegans.  I created The Veg Nurse Blog to share my experiences as a nurse, interview fellow vegans like fellow medical professionals, influencers and personalities with a vegan twist. 

about me:

In 2007 I was in nursing school with the “Freshman Fifteen” and had never heard or imagined that was such a thing as veganism. It was during nutrition class that I was first exposed to it; the teacher did not teach meat, which naturally made me curious and it was the first time that I heard the word “vegan”. I started to research, met other vegans around campus and noticed how good they all looked.  The start my journey was about vanity- me wanting to stay young and pretty for as long as I could, and in my mind, veganims was the way to go.  I decided to do it cold turkey; it has been an education and so far thirteen years and counting!

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in nursing informatics.  Over the last nine years, I have worked in orthopedics, ER/trauma, traveler, and currently work in the cath lab.  

A chance meeting with Sean, founder of SoFlo Vegans at Ft Lauderdale VegFest led to my dream of being involved in the vegan community.  Being the Media Coordinator has led to so many opportunities of learning about media production, producing, events, podcasting, blogging and my little dog Kona (who will be featured here) to be the official dog of SFV! 


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