Alba aka The Veg Nurse

Vegan ER/trauma and Cath lab RN

Combining veganism and nursing.

Hi. I’m Alba, I am a vegan, nurse, Media Coordinator and podcast host for SoFlo Vegans.  I created The Veg Nurse Blog to document and share my experiences as a vegan nurse; to inform and inspire others to focus on their health and the protection of animals and the environment.

About me:

In 2007 I was in nursing school with the “Freshman Fifteen” and had never heard of veganism. It was during nutrition class in which my teacher did not teach meat; I got curious and it was the first time that I heard the word “vegan”. I started to research and met other vegans around campus and noticed that they were all beautiful. My vegan journey started with vanity- me wanting to stay young and pretty for as long as I could,.  I decided to go vegan cold turkey; mistakes were made but so far it has been thirteen years and counting. I graduated in 2011 and began working in orthopedics, soon I moved to the ER and not soon after, my hospital decided to add a trauma unit. I soon became bored with the same routine and wanted to travel, at the time I had met many travelers in the ER and I loved hearing them talk about all the places they’ve been and I wanted that experience for myself. I spent about a year traveling, met some awesome people, had some great experiences, adopted a chihuahua named Kona during one of those assignments (you will see her on this blog). I decided to come back to Florida for another career opportunity and to start a master’s degree in Nursing Informatics.  This led me to begin in the cath lab and It was during the first couple of months of my return in 2017, that I went to Fort Lauderdale VegFest and met Sean Russell, founder of SFV.  Little did I know that a simple meeting will lead to where I am now. It all started with me attending some of the events, to Sean asking me to collaborate on the events, to help planning them, to becoming the Media Coordinator and co-host of the SFV podcast.  As both a nurse and being in the vegan world has given me opportunities to meet some awesome fellow vegans/plant-based influencers, doctors, and personalities; and it gave me the chance to discover my love of media and video production.  Doing events for SFV led to opportunities to host festivals and educational platforms to educate on health and veganism which led to, out of the blue, me becoming a writer/blogger.

Now my life revolves around nursing, school and writing on my laptop with a cup of tea, a trusty chihuahua and black cat at my feet.

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